Sentinel Druid originating from the Ringing Mountains. Holds a strong bond with the land of Athas and seeks to preserve it.


High above the free city of Tyr lie the massive Ringing Mountains. A mostly desolate and harsh place, this mountain range was once home to the Earthspeakers, a secluded tribe of Druids. Remaining hidden and protected by their mountain walls, the Earthspeakers sought to bring life back to the land of Athas. By bonding closely with the primal forces that slumbered within the peaks of the Ringing Mountains, these peaceful druids drew the energy necessary to slowly cultivate the earth back to a balanced state. All this, however, would soon be brought to a tragic halt.

On a dark evening draped in a thick fog that had rolled over the mountains, the Earthspeakers found themselves under assault. Slave raiders from the east had stormed their nestled sanctuary and quickly began laying waste to all that surrounded them. Women and children were bound, beaten, and thrown onto wooden wagons to be sold to the highest bidder. The men were either slaughtered, or chained and made to pull the very same wagons that their families now rested upon. Within a mere hour the entire village had been decimated, and as the fog made its way down the mountains to the free city of Tyr, only silence remained in the land of the Earthspeakers.

Early the next morning, returning from a week-long journey for a rare herb high into the mountain peaks, the druid called Theren stepped into his once prosperous village. Filled with fear and confusion, he rushed into each hovel and checked for signs of life…he could find none. All that remained were the mutilated bodies of men he once called his friends, and wagon tracks leading Eastward down the great mountains to where he believed was a fate for his tribesmen even worse than death.

After burying the remains of the Earthspeakers, Theren gathered what little supplies he had left and began his journey east. It is the code of the Earthspeakers to cultivate the land and bring prosperity and order back to the natural realm of Athas, and he would never let go of this code. If, by chance, he is able to find his tribesmen and their captors along the way, then praise be to the land for leading him there. And if these creatures choose to grant the same fate to Theren when he arrives…then by the strength of Athas let their wretched shells return to the same soil that they walk upon.


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