Gwyn Balerion

An ambitious, power hungry wielder of the dark arts.


She professes to be an outcast, spurned by a family obsessed with societal standing to the detriment of their own daughters welfare. While the details of her story often change in the retelling, this particular thread never wavers. It’s clear that she is well versed in the less savory underbelly of society, yet how this relates to her background is both paradox and mystery.

Arrogant, irritable, sarcastic, self assured, power hungry, yet charming and
likable. Loyal to those that have earned her trust, fearless.

She secretly wishes to one day return to the society that spurned her; but her
motivation, whether to rule, destroy, or find acceptance is unclear. There is a small coal of rage that smolders away inside her, and on its rare appearance, is frightening to behold.




Gwyn was always treated less graciously than her many siblings—born into a large
family of a prominent human noble, her early life would be what some would call
privileged. However, where siblings or cousins were met with praise, she was always
handled with a disapproving word or cold stare, never able to live up to any
expectations placed upon her. Often she was segregated under the thinnest pretense, and on the rare occascion she was allowed to interact with the other children she was ostracized and teased because of her pointed ears.
She stumbled upon the truth one day at a young age, a snippet of careless gossip
tittered between two house servants regarding her status—she was an illegitimate
child, said to have been conceived by a wandering elven gypsy who bewitched her father into
a torrid, scandalous public affair, forever besmirching their houses honor.

Gwyn changed that day; while she had always been a difficult child, her disposition
transitioned to one of belligerence, and she was exiled, sent away to a backwater town in hopes that she would live the rest of her life unknown and insignificant.
It was just shy of three months before the assassin sent by her father came to erase
his living mistake from existence; she somehow escaped and became a faceless street
urchin, embracing the slums as her new home and carving out an existence among the
vagabonds and castaways of society.

She had one advantage where the others did not; she had caught the eye of an
unassuming fortuneteller, who would teach her the darkest of arts in exchange for
small favors. It was there that the tools for her revenge were forged, and there that she began her inexorable ascension to power.

Gwyn Balerion

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