The Champions of Rajaat

The Internal Monologue of Agragorn Goldman - 2

Interlude - 2/17/11

Gwynn wasn’t happy about what I did to that templar. But she would have been more unhappy when Sarhan cast a spell that took her head off. As much as we embarrassed him, I knew we were lucky.

After the templar’s shrieks called attention to the alley, I blended with the crowd to escape unwanted attention. I didn’t meet up with the group again until we were at the markets, but I made sure to tail Gwynn. Her interrogation of the templar made me more suspicious of her, I wanted to find out if she would do anything to give herself away if she didn’t know she was being watched.

After stalking her for a time, I revealed myself in the market where I bought a new cloak. I had used my old one to blindfold the templar, and I would need something to protect myself as we headed back into the desert.



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